I have been feeling a bit under the weather lately.  Yeh, I’ve been sick the past day or so.  I still am feeling the effects of it.  I have been feeling pretty weak to the point I basically stayed in bed most of the day…so that is why I did not post.  Sorry.  Besides the fact that I have been sick, its kind of nice not going to work and just being able to basically just have a diaper on in the bed all day.  Its a relaxing feeling but if you feel like crap being sick it sort of takes some of the relaxing and fun out of it.

Again, sorry for the lack of posting the past day or two, I have just been sick and its been rough…lots of diaper changes to say the least.  Yeh….the messy diaper changes type too….eek.  Graphic.  I told you I wasn’t feeling well.  Anyways, I hopefully am almost fully recovered.  Hopefully, everyone is having a good week!.