Well sorry everyone for not posting in awhile, I have just been dealing with some family things as well as enjoying the holidays.  And I hope everyone else here had a great Thanksgiving if you live in the US.

Anyways, I thought I would post on something that I have noticed that I would almost label as a phenomenon and I am curious whether it happens to many others besides myself, Peter, and a few of our ABDL friends.  I have noticed that when it comes to messing in diapers, even though I am incontinent, I seem to actually only mess when I am somewhere that I am comfortable or familiar with.  Examples of places are my house, enclosed spaces, etc.  But, when I go somewhere like a movie theatre, restaurant, store, or something along those lines I find that I actually don’t mess as much.  Whether this is pure coincidence and timing or a real life phenomenon that you tend to poop when you are more comfortable is beyond my knowing.  I know its easier on Peter when he doesn’t have to change one of my poopy diapers when we are out and about (not that he minds), but I must say its easier to change poopy diapers on a bed or floor rather than a restroom or car.

I am wondering if anyone else has noticed this at all.  Though, I only probably have a small percentage of control of defecation, it is strange that I tend to mess the majority of the time at our house, the car, and for some reason enclosed spaces.  Possibly, it may have to do if when you remember when you were a little kid and you were playing hide-and-go-seek and you were hiding, I always remembered getting nervous and peeing in my diaper while hiding.  I don’t know if its the same concept possibly or just pure coincidence.  All I know is I had wet diapers everytime I played hide-and-go-seek.

So, I am referring to this as a comfort phenomenon just because my theory is somehow being in a comfortable area possibly does something “chemically” inside your body possibly to stimulate digestive movements or triggers other functions that relax the bowels even more.  Because, when I am in the comfortable place I don’t even know I pooped in my diaper most of the time because I most likely lose any small percentage of control I do have.  But, when I have messed in my diaper in a somewhat uncomfortable or unfamiliar place I can sort of feel it come on but I can’t control it or do anything about it.  Its honestly hard to describe this phenomenon and incontinence unless you have it but I did my best to describe it and how it feels.  Just curious if anyone else has noticed anything similar in this respect?.