"The only normal people are the ones you don't know very well"

Ever since I have worn diapers even though I do not care much what others think, I have always dreamt of ways to bring the adult diaper phenomenon into mainstream society.  I truly think it can be done.  I would love to be able to normalize in society to a greater extent the wearing of adult diapers.  I think this can be done.  Signs of it are already present in societies such as Japan wear adult diapers are way more normal for such practical reasons as long train rides.  So, why not in other places?

Though most people will not say anything if they ‘catch’ you wearing a diaper as if they have any conscious or understanding they would most likely assume its for personal health reasons.  But, I truly believe that the adult diaper wearing notion can be brought into the limelight for more practical reasons and deserve more understandings.

This not only requires a mindset change from people outside the community but also a ABDL community effort to represent adult diapers and the wearing of adult diapers in a more light hearted and practical manner.  It will require a grassroots campaign from everyone from diaper product makers such as Bambino Diapers to the community of ABDL’s.  I am determined to bring the ABDL community into a better light with mainstream society and I plan to make great efforts to do this.  I will be keeping everyone updated on things I will be doing and have done on my blog so stay tuned because this is going to happen – I am determined..