I wanted to link to an article that I thought represented the thought of adult diapers to many others around the world and the notion of how they are not such a “taboo” thing.  Here is the link: Dongfang Billy Wears Adult Diapers .  It is just a article about a famous artist that was diagnosed with leukemia and as a PRECAUTION was instructed by doctors to wear adult diapers.  Honestly, how many doctors around here or much less people would be willing to wear an adult diaper out of precaution.  Most people in the US won’t consider wearing an adult diaper unless they are practically leaking feces out of themselves or wetting uncontrollably everyday.

It goes to show that even someone who is in the public eye a lot is not afraid to let others know that he is wearing diapers.  Yes, it is for medical reasons but the notion of how ‘free’ and ‘open’ he is about it goes to show the mindset of people in places like Asia.  I know I am making a huge generalization here but when do you see articles like this in the USA news unless its riddled with negativity or involving some sort of crime.

He also is continuing to teach a fitness class even though he has to wear a diaper for it.  And his reason…it will make him exercise basically.  There is not even a mention of emberassment there.  Most people if they have to wear a diaper will hide that diaper like they are hiding gold.  The only way this wearing of diapers is going to stop being an extreme taboo is if the people who must wear diapers and who enjoy wearing diapers act like it is not a big deal – as well as not blatantly doing stupid acts such as robbing a store wearing a diaper (gives us all a bad name).  Just thought the article was quite interesting and thought I would share incase you hadn’t heard.

Link Again to the Article: Dongfang Billy Wears Adult Diapers.