I hadn’t done a review in awhile so I thought I would do a review on my favorite wipes.  They are called Pampers Swipers.  I use these all the time – I bought two normal containers of the wipes and then I just buy the refills for it which comes with 3 packs in 1 refill.  It saves you a lot of money if you buy refills instead of buying the whole container all over again.

These wipes are a lot bigger than the typical baby wipe.  They are lightly scented and they are Pampers’ biggest and thickest wipe.  60 wipes come in a container and contains no alcohol in them which is always important.  And as it states on the container it is “THICK and cleans big messes” – Thats right I’m not kidding – it says in the bottom left corner that it cleans big messes.  So, this is perfect if you want a baby wipe with the nice baby scent to it that can clean up anything from wiping clean after a wet diaper to cleaning big messes after a messy diaper.

I personally don’t use any other wipe unless I have to.  Once you use these wipes you really don’t want to go back to any other wipe because of how soft, nicely scented, large, and thick these wipes are.  For reference purposes, when I have a messy diaper it typically takes Peter about 5-8 wipes to clean me up which is way better than if we used the smaller wipes that are basically made for smaller babies.  They even make a travel pack if you want to stick it in your purse, car, or whatever and not have to carry the full container.  They are the best wipe I have come across for the price and they have that nice baby scent to it so it adds to the adult baby experience.  If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Pampers Swipers: Buy Pampers Swipers Here or you can find them in any grocery store, drug store, Walmart, or Target..