I recently have been getting a fair amount of comments from people that have varying disabilities from Multiple Sclerosis to Cron’s disease.  While myself and many others do suffer from incontinence – suffering from a more disabling disease such as multiple sclerosis presents new and unique problems when it comes to diapers.  I am very sympathetic to people with such diseases as life presents a great deal of difficulties not only in the diaper area but also in other areas.

What amazes me is the fact that I have been getting a fair amount of comments and emails from people that were never involved in the ABDL community but have these diseases and stumbled across my review of Bambino Diapers.  I have gotten a great deal of praise for leading them to a diaper that solves a great deal of the problems that store-brand diapers just don’t solve.  This makes me feel very warm and fuzzy inside for multiple reasons.  First, I helped someone which I always enjoy doing and solving their problem by referring them to a product that can truly help them.  Second, some of them have even discovered the ABDL community which they never knew existed and have found a level of comfort in conversing with people that are in their same situation or at least can relate on a disabled or interest level, with interests being diapers.

Getting comments and emails really encourages me a lot in what I do especially when I help people that need it the most.  Whether its referring them to a specific product or just giving them someone to converse and talk to and relate to – I really truly do enjoy helping people out.  I just wanted to share that as I am a big believer in promoting the goodness within the ABDL community and the amazing products that not only enhance our community but also can benefit others outside our community..