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While I must admit that I do not exercise as much as I should I do enjoy showing off my awfully poor tennis skills.  Everyone has a good laugh at me.  I went to play tennis last weekend with Peter and some of my girlfriends.  We played doubles against one another with Peter playing with my best friend and me playing with my other girlfriend, whom I won’t name but we will just call her “Ditsy” (I am sure you can gather why I choose to call her that).  But, any how needless to say we got crushed…he sure does love to serve the ball where I can never get to it which admittedly is probably EVERYWHERE.  But, it was a good workout I would say.  Got my heartrate up – heck yeh!

The photo above is when Peter and I were walking back to our townhouse.  Gotta love the Nike shorts though – they actually make my legs look good.  I probably actually look like a serious athlete (which I’m not – I wish).  I figured people would like a nice workout photo with me in a diaper so I made sure Peter brought his camera this time and sure enough we got some shots!

FYI: The bigger image of the above image is on the Photography Page..