Being diapered definitely has its multiple advantages but there are its disadvantages.  One being during the summer when it is quite hot outside wearing a diaper can be somewhat cumbersome.  It sweats, itches, and anyone who has worn during that time knows what I am talking about.  Being a girl does have its advantages though over boys.  I can wear skirts so it lets a slight breeze up into wear the diaper is and most boys don’t wear skirts unless of course your scottish (kilts…) but anyhow I am going to over a few tips to staying cool that I have come across that many of you may or may not have though about.  These are surely good tips to staying cool when wearing a diaper during heated times:

  1. Wear light colored and loose fitting clothing: Light colors reflect light while dark colors absorb it making it hotter.  Looser clothing allows for more airspace in your clothes so air can pass through allowing you to cool off.
  2. Try Cloth Diapers: While many people including myself are not big cloth diaper fans – certain fabrics definitely help you stay cooler than others and won’t make you as itchy as plastic diapers.
  3. Change Wet Diapers Quickly: A wet diaper is naturally warm and can increase your body temperature down there and spread to the rest of your body very quickly so be sure to change that wet diaper of yours as quick as you can.
  4. Use a Good Baby Powder: A good brand of baby powder is especially important in staying cool.  Powder helps cool your area down there which in a sense helps you stay cool everywhere else.  A good baby powder that I personally like to use is this: Purity Organic Natural Baby Powder 3.6 oz.
    The scent is very pleasant and its organic. Its a very nice powder that is very hard to find in stores. I highly suggest this baby powder.
  5. Avoid Plastic Pants: Plastic pants only add to keeping the heat in when wearing diapers.  At least for the summer time try to avoid wearing plastic pants or buy a thin brand that aren’t as thick.
  6. Take Your Time During Diaper Changes: Whether you or your friend/spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend/etc are changing you be sure to let them know to take their time so that you can air out and allow some air to get to your private area to cool you off.  This not only helps to prevent diaper rashes but also helps keep you cool.
These are some of the main tips I personally follow when trying to keep cool during hot times.  There are many others I am sure and if you have some you are always welcome to share them.  Look forward to hearing some great ideas.