Everyone always asks me about what I do for exercise and I always respond “Yes I enjoy jogging, walking, etc”.  Then, I am sure you know that next question – do you wear a diaper when you exercise.  The answer to that question is somewhat complicated but easy.  Yes, I wear a diaper when I exercise about probably 70% of the time as I am incontinent and I do enjoy wearing them.  But, when I typically go on a lot faster runs/jogs or whatever the diaper does sort of get in the way per se.  When you are trying to pick up the pace running and you have this thick diaper between your legs and its chaffing the inside of your legs then it is somewhat bothersome.  So, for harder workouts I typically do not wear a diaper.

To be honest, Peter loves when I wear my little workout/running shorts and a diaper.  It is one of his favorite things to see me in.  Let me describe his supposive “IDEAL” look on me when I am working out.  He loves when I wear my nike running shorts with a Bambino Diaper under it.  Then, I have my black nike sports bra on with my hair up in a ponytail.  Let me tell you, he will definitely be emberrassed that I told this but lets just say when he works out with me sometimes and I do that he has a lot of trouble keeping “you know who under control”.  Haha.  What can I say, he likes what he likes and I am just glad that I can do that to him basically whenever I want to.

I am working on trying to buy a video camera somehow so that I can make videos.  Just gotta raise enough money to buy a descent one.  I know Peter would love to film me running in diapers among a bunch of other things..