First of all thank you all for you kind comments about the rude people out there. I know I shouldn’t let them bother me – and honestly they really don’t but it just annoys me that people can be that stupid! I just don’t understand why people in the ABDL community are so critical, I Just feel like we should all be working together and with one another instead of trying to be rude or against each other. Just doesn’t make sense to me I guess!

Peter and I are getting ready to go out and have a night to ourselves – we haven’t had one of those! i’m wearing a new dress that I got recently and it is super cute because you can see my diaper throught it! It’s not like completely see through but Peter can see it and he loves it! I am going to surprise him with wearing it since we don’t have too much time left of the warm weather! I am excited – not sure what we are going to do yet! Peter is nervous because he has a bunch of family in Texas where the hurricane is getting ready to come through! He has a bunch of family down there so we are trying to keep in touch and there is a chance that they are going to come stay with us! who knows!

Alright time to get ready…Hugs!.