Hey Fellow Readers,

I hope you enjoy my new blog. Its a work in progress and there will be lots more added to it. I spent a great deal of time working on it to make it cleaner and neater looking. I also added a photography section so that you can see some samples of high quality photos of me. As always most of them will be at IMABDL which just actually finished having server upgrades which is exciting! There are a few new co-owners of IMABDL which are planning on also adding some major new features and updates along with partnerships with many other companies. I would advise joining up if you get a chance! But no pressure, really. Also, if haven’t noticed I am at a new domain now: www.iheartdiapers.com

But, like I said – I will also be running a section (still a work in progress) on reviews of all the diaper products I use. That way when I talk about a product in my blog – the official review will be located in product reviews. These reviews can range from diapers to onesies. So, definitely check that out when that comes up.

Also, I would greatly appreciate if you own a website to link to me. On the link to me page you can find two banners you can use if you desire. Or, you can just add a text link which is completely fine as well!

Keep checking back because this blog is truly going to be huge and I am going to update it everyday as always with better and more tailored content to my users. As always I will be truthful, honest and fair. And remember the more comments the better – but please try to keep the hateful ones to a minimum.