Bambino Diaper

Many people have tried the famous Bambino Diaper but still many have not and I want to take the time to make a professional and in-depth review of the diaper.  Before I begin I just want to say Bambino Diapers are the best ABDL diaper on the market today that incorporates not only the “babyish” pattern but also thickness and absorbtion.  There are other diapers such as Abena Abri-Form, Molicare, Secure X-plus, etc. but they do not incorporate that babyish feel to them like a Bambino Diaper does.

The diaper itself is plastic on the outside with a babyish tape across the front.  There is NO outer cloth covering, which is good because I hate that.  It is a nice soft plastic feel and in my opinion resembles the old style pampers diapers remarkably well.  When you tape the diaper on the elastic waistband helps to hold it to your body snug so it gives that nice comfortable fit to it.  It feels extraordinarily secure and comforting once on.  If you have never tapped into you AB side well then putting on this diaper makes you just want to curl up under a blanket with a pacifier or bottle…it really gives that babyish feel.

In regards to bulkiness it is bulky which some people like and some people don’t.  I LOVE the bulkiness of the diaper because in my honest opinion it is the perfect bulk.  Its not extremely bulky like the Abena Abri-Form X-Plus is but close.  It better forms to your body in my opinion.  Bambino Diapers hold a ton of urine and I am not going to sit there and mewp_e exactly how much urine it holds but let me put it this way – as a woman (peeing straight down as opposed to a man who gets the extra absorption of the front of the diaper) I was able to wet it 3-4 times pretty thoroughly and it never leaked.  Obviously, I had to change after that because I did not want to risk diaper rash but its nice to be able to wet your diaper and not worry about leaks all the time.  And the big question of how it holds fecal matter (poopy) – perfectly!  It conforms to your body but leaves enough room for it to come out – I know, graphic.  But, it fits snug but the diaper is not so tight that your poopy can’t come out.  When it comes out, it sits perfectly in the seat of your diaper and I have never had it ever leak out the sides or anything.  Its also worth noting that it does remarkably well it keeping the smell inside the diaper better than other diapers I have tried.

Overall, Bambino Diapers are the real deal.  They cover almost every detail an ABDL person could want.  There is no stuffing bunching up which so many others diaper are famous for doing.  The diaper holds better than 95% of the diapers on the market, it has the plastic feel, the babyish look, good bulkiness, and of course their shipping is discreet and professional which is always important to many people.  I highly recommend these diapers.

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