I am taking a quick break and pulling myself away from the Florida vs. Miami game to post real fast! haha I really am biting my nails at this one cause at this point we are winning but I would say it is still anyone’s game! Peter and I are having fun just sitting around in our diapers, drinking beer, and watching the game! 🙂 hehe it is so relaxing and so much fun! Anyways so keep me in your thoughts becuase the next hour or so is going to be kind of stressful! Peter pulls for Florida but deep down he is a Texas Longhorns fan 🙂 so he is not always a Florida fan but in games like this he will pull for them for me!

I read someone had commented about Gold Bond Medicated powder! I have used that to – actually Peter and I both have when we have had some diaper rash! it feels really weird at first when it starts to cool you down but then after a few minutes it is so soothing and really helps to take away the irriation! its good but not something to use all the time! So yes I agree about that!

Alright back to the game..Hugs!.