well first off i want to say.. GO GATORS!! 🙂 Even though the game is not over techincally.. I would say that we are going to win 🙂 I never had any doubt! Watch out – national champions are coming!! 🙂 Haha okay I am sure I am going to get some shit about that..but hey they are my team 🙂 what can i say!?

I want to respond to a question that a reader asked..they asked me about if Peter and I mind if people notice our diapers or if we try to hide it. Of course, we never try to hide it! The only time that I tend to be discreet about my diaper is at work because of the high professionality (don’t know if that is a word) required at my job. When we are out in public we don’t mind if anyone sees and sometimes I’ll even wear tight or somewhat revealing things because I know Peter enjoys that 🙂 hehe I hope everyone has a great Saturday and hopefully a relaxing long weekend!! Hugs!.