So Peter and I are trying to figure out what we are going to do during the long weekend coming up! We rarley have time off together so this is a big deal for us! We were thinking about just going up and going camping for a few nights and doing some camping, but I’m not sure i can talk Peter into that! I think it would be fun and I am sure we could get in a lot of good pictures with that 🙂 haha Peter and I took some GREAT pictures the other afternoon – we were outside at a play ground I will try and post one soon but I am posting them all on!

I know I said Peter would be getting back to his blog and I promise he will soon! He just takes a little mroe convincing than me 🙂 he really felt like his blog was pointless but I am slowly convincing him that that isn’t true!

Alright well time to go and do some more research and bed! Hugs! 🙂.