Whew! Today was so so so long! I just got back with Peter from a dinner function with his work. We usually don’t go to things like that just because we aren’t real “buddy buddy” wish the people there but we felt like we should since he just recently got a promotion. Halfway through the dinner I started feeling sick – turns out I ate something that has fish in it (which usually makes me sick) that i had no idea had it in it! Anyways.. I had brought a change in my purse just in case and Peter had to go with me to the bathroom to help me. We are descrite about diapers at work, but I was so sick that he had to help me so I don’t think many people thought anything of it… I started feeling better after one very messy diaper a couple of glasses of ginger ale later! Lucky I had to change or I don’t think most of those people could have stood being around! Word to the wise – always check what you are eating first!

Anyways now we are back and its time to get out of this dress and into my onsie 🙂 btw – I will try to post pictures sometime soon of me in my new onsie 🙂 just haven’t gotten around to it! Hugs!!.