What a fast weekend! It is amazing how slow the weeks drag by sometimes but when it comes time for the weekend it just flies by! Whew! At least next weekend is a LONG weekend and my gators have their first game on Saturday against Hawaii! 🙂 I am so ready for football season to start it is not even funny!!! 😀 IM SO EXCITED!!!

I laid out all day yesterday pretty much after we had gotten up and cleaned up a bit! It’s nice to have a fence around our back yard where I can let the doggies out and lay out in just my diaper and bathing suit top 🙂 It is the greatest and most relaxing time I think i have had in a while! Though my dogs really don’t see it as relaxing and just want me to throw the ball the ENTIRE time!

I was very interested to hear yalls thoughts on the posed vs. real pictures. I agree 100% with what you all said – I can understand that they are nice to look at, but I prefer the real things mostly because I enjoy seeing other normal peopel just like me in diaper because it makes me feel not feel as alone 🙂 Well off to shower – Hugs!.