Got off work a bit early today! which was good because I was feeling really dragy today! I don’t even think that is a word but you know what I mean 🙂 NO matter how hard I worked i just felt like the day was never going to end and that I wasn’t getting anything productive done. It doesn’t help that half my office will be out tomorrow for the early holiday but not me, Peter and I aren’t excactly int he place right now to be able to take a vacation and I by all means need to be working the extra days! so o well! we can still find fun things to do on these small breaks – we are a big fan of taking day trips places which saves us the overnight costs 🙂

I will be posting pictures of my  new onsie very soon! I’m sorry I haven’t yet but they are coming I can promise you that! It has just been a crazy week and I honestly have not gotten around to it! I am very excited to take pictures and share them with you because it makes me feel like I am letting people into my life and to understand and see a little bit more of who I am! Its fun 🙂 off to take the dogs for a walk! Hugs!.