I thought I would be funny and just get in the bathtub in my diaper and see what it would look like.  I must say I looked really funny when I got out.  Peter laughed at me because it was sagging so bad but it was a good time.  I am sure many of you have done that and I have done it before but I get a kick out of it everytime I do it.  Its so funny.   It was a attends diaper so it didn’t hold in regards to the tapes so it just fell off me pretty quickly when I stood up.  But, it was so funny….but Peter got me in a new attends so I was good to go after that…yeh but it was funny…sorry thought some others would find the idea of me with this badly sagging diaper almost down to my knees was funny.  LOL but I am sure its been done before.  I hope everyone has a good rest of the day!.