I can’t even begin to say I’m sorry for this past week. I have been dealing with family issues much beyond my control and I have not had the same amount of time as i usually do to post. Thankfully however things seem to be going more smooth and I think at least for the time being things are going to calm down. I hope everyone has had a great week nonetheless and i promise to be posting much more!

Peter and I had to go out of town last night but we are back this morning and finally making sure that we stay here! I told him that we we will not leave to go anywhere from now on 🙂 Thanks to everyones support  on my posts this past week. Took a bath in my diaper as I had said before and had peter take some pictures of it so hopefully I can get those posted soon. I know most of you are in much need of some more recent pictures! Well off to make some lunch…Will post again!