Changing Time!

Well i am home on my lunch break right now...gotta do some last minute packing so that Peter and i can get on the road pretty much as soon as we both get done with [...]

Don’t let the bed bugs bite!

Well Peter got home safely I am happy to report! He did get caught in some traffic from people driving slow in the rain but now we are back together and about to snuggle up [...]

Love Thunderstorms!

I am home right now waiting on Peter to get off work, and we are having some bad thunderstorms. I remember as a kid hating thunderstorms but now I think they are one of my [...]

New TV!

Thank you for all of your suggestions on the last post! :) I will keep them all in mind when I am considering what to do! I am really excited tonight because Peter and I [...]

Trouble Going

I have been having a problem pooping in my diaper lately and i just can't seem to figure out why. i have looked at my diet and though i know I don't always eat properly [...]

Happy Anniversary to us!

I'm sorry I have not posted until today but I cannot even begin to express in words how long this day has been but it has been WONDERFUL! Today was Peter and I's 6 year [...]

Lay around day and Sweetdreams

What a great relaxing day! Peter got home about 3 hours ago so we were able to eat some dinner together but now he has already gone to bed because he had such a long [...]

Girl day and picture ideas

I am being such a girl today! Besides getting out in the garden this morning to pull some weeds that were growing I have sat on my couch and watched girl movies all day! haha [...]

LOVE Saturday’s!!

So i really really LOVE Saturday!! I Love getting up late and rolling over and checking Peter's diaper before the day begins! I love slowly crawling out of bed and realizing that there is nothing [...]

New Photo and New Partnership!

You need the Flash Player to view this video. Hey everybody! I just uploaded some new photos of myself to and included one of them here so you can get a sneak peek! Also, [...]

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