Peter and I are going back and forth right now about getting a new dog.  I really want one but Peter thinks that we shouldn’t spend the money and don’t have time for another puppy right now.  I just really want one, maybe that is not a good idea, but i really do! 🙂 I have had puppies all my life and i just can’t stop! We always have liked to go to the pound and look at them and it always makes me sad because i just want to give them all such a good life and make them all happy 🙂 well at least I think my dogs right now are happy.

I’ll let you all know what we decided, I think I have convinced Peter to go tonight and take a look at a few though that may change by the time that he gets home from work.  I’m home for a late lunch a diaper change which is where I am headed now. I already changed myself once at work but I guess that just wasn’t enough for today so i’m about to change myself and head back to work! I hope everyone is having a great Wednesday!