I wanted to post to talk about some negative feedback that I have been receiving regarding my blog. When I first started it the point of it was simply to just talk about my every day life as a diaper wearer, exciting or not. I didn’t want to be over dramatic I just wanted to me and tell people just what I went through each day, and I am sure that some days are better than others. However, due to some feedback that I have been receiving lately I feel as though I am not living up to the expectations of many of my readers and want your feedback to know what I am doing wrong. Please do not post “I want to see more pictures” or such like that because I honestly want to know what you would like to hear me write about! I know I am not anything out of the ordinary but I do care about my readers and want to keep them coming back and stay in contact with me.

Well im about ready to get into bed since tomorrow starts a new week. I hope everyone is doing well! Hugs!.