Monthly Archives: November 2007

Diaper Doubling

Alright...I have doubled diapers before but I guess I am not doing it properly according to some.  Typically, I just stuck one Attend diaper over another and called it a day for being doubled.  But, [...]

Whats Up With European Adult Diapers?

I am sure everyone here that lives in America has wondered why are all the good diapers over in Europe? I know I have. I mean, Abena is technically over in Europe area (main manufacturing [...]

Diaper Changing Table?

I ran across this site today that advertised an adult diaper changing table. But, the thing is that it looks ridiculous and I can't see anybody actually using it. Check it out HERE . I [...]

My type of diaper

I thought I would write about the type of diaper that I wear the most in hopes of maybe convincing some that they are really good. My main kind of diaper that I wear is [...]

Check Out Me…hehe

I thought I would share a new creation that I made with everyone. To give everyone a sneak preview I thought I would create a 3D portrayal of what I look like but of course [...]


Just a little excited! Can you tell? Haha Gators beat Vandy today!! After last weeks loss to Georgia I was kinda scared, but am so happy right now! The football game can change my whole [...]

Welcome Adult Babies

Welcome all to the official blog of Adrian Surley (formerly I Heart Diapers). This blog aims to be one of the most popular and helpful blogs on the internet for the adult baby and diaper [...]

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