This is sort of a review post in regards to the WalMart Brand Adult Diapers. I was quite surprised by these diapers actually. Though they may not be as thick as Attends they are probably more crinkly than Attends. They have a very soft outer plastic cover to them and they hold a descent amount of urine. They do have a babyish feel too them and for roughly $9 for I believe 22 of them (can’t quite remember) – I was quite happy with them. As a girl – it was very soft feeling to me at least through the diaper. I want to congratulate whoever designed them because they are truly better then what you pay for them. But, this is just my personal opinion and I know there are better diapers out there but I liked the babyish feel and soft outer plastic covering to these. Thats just my 2-cents for the day and I hope everyone is having a great week! Hump Day!.