TenaSlipMaxiI really have wanted to try these diapers but I cannot find a supplier in the US that carries them.  They look a lot nicer and thicker than a lot of the ones here in America with the exception of a few.  Adult diapers are a lot more acceptable I have heard in European areas and I think they are as well in America – I think most people just don’t take the risk or they make a huge deal of themselves wearing public.  I mean, of course if you say “I have a diaper fetish…” people are most likely going to look at you strange.  But, if you just say to them “I have a slight incontinence issue…” or something along those lines then people would accept it more.  I don’t think there is that big of a ‘taboo’ against adult diapers in the US I just think more people need to come out and not sound like a freak if they do – just tell a small little fib (or it may not be a fib technically) and then you can wear all you want and people will be more accepting.  Just my two sense..