I just read an article titled “The Advanced Baby”


But, I thought it was interesting article to say the least.  I had never heard of this term “Advanced Baby” and this article made it sound like this term was coined around the Y2K time.  Thought it was interesting because I had never heard of it.  I like reading articles like this so I figured I would share this link with you because I know some people may find it really interesting.

I am quite busy today so sorry to cut this short everybody.  But, I must finish up some paperwork and what not.  But, I hope everyone is having a fantastic week and its almost the weekend! Yay!

Also, Coming Soon to IMABDL – We are going to be adding a ANOTHER section for more videos on top of the already updated videos we do have that are going to be privately submitted by another member who I believe has a convenient 😉 obsession to make diaper videos and wants to share them with us! So, thats exciting.  If anyone else enjoys making videos of themselves you can contact me.