Wow, if your in the mood to spend some money and need a diaper pail; well, I have found you one.

Link: Vipp Diaper Pail

Let me tell you if I had that kind of money I would buy that diaper pail…Its expensive yes but I bet it keeps odors to a minimum which is always nice.  Plus, it just looks so clean and neat looking.  Maybe one day when I’m a millionaire (HAHAHAHA) I can get it 😉 I thought maybe a few ABDLs out there may be interested in this – but I am sure there are other diaper pails out there that probably do the trick and are way less expensive.  But, the site that sells the product has lots of handy things to help in the diapering process as well as some other accessories.   Just check out some of the diaper accessories too:

Link: Diaper Accessories.