I figured I would share with everyone an article I ran across. I am not sure whether it is written by an ABDL or not but none the less it was an interesting article and makes you think. Here is a quote from it:

‹”Adult diapers are also valuable for people who do not have bladder control problems. More and more women are finding diapers as a much more convenient alternative for catching the menstrual cycles. Adult diapers are appropriate fits for women who want to feel dry all day from the time that they go out to the moment that they sleep.“›

The author brings up a very valid point here that I think many could learn from other than the ABDL community. Why does an adult diaper have to be looked at as ‘taboo’ in this society? Why can it not just be looked at as a ‘tool’ or something useful to make life a little easier and more convenient sometimes. Especially the United States, has such stigmas to certain things but I think the majority of people would come to find that if they told people that they do wear diapers and don’t come across as obsessed or ‘freakish’ about it – they would come to find that most people really don’t care. People are understanding I think and as long as you don’t tell them its some ‘freaky fetish’ and refer to it as a convenience because you don’t always make it to the restroom they may not look at you so strange. This may come across as a lie but are stigmas against things that don’t harm people really fair?? No. So, a harmless little ‘exaggeration’ to be able to make your friends or what not more comfortable and allow you to more freely wear your diapers when you choose. This is just a suggestion though. The article link so you can read it yourself is below.
P.S. Thank you for everyone making comments. They mean a lot.

Article Link: Not too old to wear diapers.