There has been a lot of negativity lately in the world and I see it every day with people lacking confidence and feeling down on themselves.  I have talked with several people in the adult baby and diaper lover world and over time have noticed a trend of people being very down on themselves and judging themselves for having/wanting to wear diapers.  I just wanted to make this post a positive one and maybe one that will help some people.

Diapers don’t and should not define you.  They are merely a part of your life – one single part.  Once you realize that then you can start helping yourself.  There are so many things that define you and diapers are merely one part.  Everyone is unique in their own way and you should not let one or two things define your self-worth.  People are going to judge you every day of your life unfortunately and once you learn to not care so much what others think too much you can also start to help yourself.  You are BEAUTIFUL inside and out.  There are a lot of things out there 100 times worse what you could be doing such as drugs, drinking, etc.  Diapers can be a positive aspect of your life if you let it and don’t feel guilty for it being part of your life.  Where you can get yourself into trouble I have found is when you start letting it affect your social life and encompassing your thoughts.

Answer this question to yourself…do you find yourself wanting to stay in on a Friday or Saturday night so you can just wear diapers and mess around in them instead of going out with friends or something social?  If your answer to this is “yes” then you may need to reevaluate how you are handling the diaper aspect of your life.  You do not want to let something like this consume your life and keep you from being social and keep you from your relationships.  All these things have an effect on your sense of well being and confidence.

Life is just too short to beat yourself up over your looks or little nuances that you think are so different then everybody else.  Everybody has quirky things about them, not weird – but quirky.  Because what I define as weird could be totally different then what somebody else does.  But, quirky is a universal term where whatever it is could be “different” but not weird.  Different is a subjective term also but most people can define “different” from “weird” in their own mind.  The fact is, everybody has their quirks and how you choose to view your quirks whether it is diapers or anything else can have an impact on your self-worth and confidence.  So, starting today – take a look at yourself and find the positives in your life and start looking at your quirky things as something that defines you as unique rather than different.  Put a positive spin on it and be confident in yourself that God made you unique and you have a purpose.  You are beautiful inside and out…so be confident in yourself!.