I am sure some of you may have seen this VIDEO in which a man has gone around into convenience stores and flashing himself in a diaper.  The idea of someone doing this is obviously ridiculous and wrong on so many levels.  Nobody in this community would ever approve of such a thing and it is wrong.  But, there is one thing that I do have a concern with in this video.  If you listen to the cop speak about 3/4 of the way through he says “You can’t help but laugh about a man wearing a diaper”.  Now, this really represents the ignorant people in America.  There are MILLIONS of people in just the United States that must wear a diaper on a daily basis for incontinent issues.  I do not think they would appreciate a comment like that especially coming from a police officer.  So, when I get 90 years old and am wearing diapers still are people just going to laugh at me?  I sure hope not.  This truly goes to show just how ignorant America can be and how non-accepting people can be.  People don’t even want to begin to understand the reasons behind something that seems foreign to them – they want to make their own assumptions and insult and laugh at it to make themselves feel better and hide their own insecurities.  I do not approve of what this “diaper flasher” did but comments such as the one made by the officer are wrong as many people are forced to wear diapers everyday for health related issues such as MYSELF included and do not appreciate comments indicating that you would laugh at me.