Well the sad thing is i JUST woke up about an hour ago and Peter and I went for a walk with our doggies! We didn’t get in till about 4 in the morning this morning so lets just say with that and the “small” amount of alcohol I had it was a long night of sleep necessary! haha we took some very funny pictures late last night that whenever we can I will try at get a few posted on here for you all to see! Please don’t make fun of me though! haha

I am about to shower and hopefully we can go out and have a somewhat normal night tonight! haha We are waiting for some new bambino diapers to come in later this week! So excited! Just a reminder that if you are a member of IMABDL then you can get a discount on an order of bambino diapers! Peter and I love them because they are thick and they have really cute patterns on them, which of course is something I love 🙂 hehe

Have a great Friday!.