First, in response to a comment posted I don’t have the link with me right now because I am at work but when I get home later and can make sure I have the write kind i will definitely post them for you! They are great 🙂 at least I think so! haha

Well day started off pretty normal for me! Woke up, shower, Peter put my diaper on got dressed and was out the door.. completely forgetting to eat breakfast this morning! 🙁 So now I am starving and just trying to make it to lunch! but its okay…probably wouldn’t hurt me to lose a few pounds anyways! It’s a pretty crazy Monday so far but thats about typical for the beginning of the week!

I had a question for my readers any of you use a diaper changing table like in your house or apartment or the such? I am really interested in seeing what kinds are out there but am not even sure where to start looking! I mean i know it can be pretty simple but was wondering if anyone had one and what you thought about it? If not…where is your favorite place to change? most of the time Peter and I just change on the floor, bed, couch, and in the car when we are out together!

Alright..well back to work for me, More later! 🙂 Have a great Monday!.