Adult diapers to many are a sign of weakness. To me, they are a sign of strength and confidence. If you are reading this and have never tried wearing adult diapers than I want to tell you how they can change your life, for the better.

Many people who know me in real life know that I wear diapers and some people in the past have looked at me in pity almost for it. Like its a weakness or a burden. This is not the case at all. In fact I feel it has made me a stronger and more confident woman inside. That is the first thing I want to address before I even talk about the physical nature of wearing adult diapers. Being different in anyway, in this case wearing diapers, can make you a stronger person because it is outside the generally accepted “norm”. Thus, you have to embrace something different about yourself and “go against the grain” essentially. This builds character and confidence. For many people, including myself it is a process. I didn’t just have tons of confidence like I do now when it comes to incontinence and wearing diapers. It took many years to get where I am today. But, I don’t regret one minute of the hard times. In middle school, when the school nurse had to help me change my diapers and several students became aware of this and thought it was just hilarious…sure it was not easy at the time but I adapted and became a better person for it. In high school, I will be honest, despite wearing diapers I was actually considered one of the more “popular girls” I guess you could say in the school looking back despite the diaper thing. In the beginning, it had its moments but my confidence rose and when people found out it wasn’t a huge thing to me and was for medical reasons – it was essentially overlooked. I was even a cheerleader for a short stint until I injured my knee getting tossed and then dropped in the air. Bloomers work great for covering diapers for those girls out there by the way which is what I did when I was a cheerleader.

Adult diapers will change your life because it will make you appreciate differences. You will look at things from a new perspective. If you step out of your comfort box and essentially try something new – it will change your outlook on life. It will change how you see others and their “quirks”. It will make you more accepting and tolerant of others. I notice this a lot when it comes to people being different. I don’t judge anyone…as long as they are not harming others. Who am I to judge what you like or do?

The physical aspect of wearing diapers will also change your life. The comfort and security of adult diapers will have you more relaxed. I honestly think it personally lowers my heart rate and blood pressure because I am in a clearer mind and more relaxed state. Maybe it is like the same idea when you put one of those “ThunderShirts” on your pet that is suppose to calm you down? Have you seen those? Supposedly they work.

Anyways, adult diapers for many people are seen as a weakness, a crutch. But, for me they are my strength and something that instills confidence in me and I truly believe if you have not tried adult diapers then you are missing out on not only a physically amazing experience but also a emotional and mental experience that can completely change your life for the better.