With all the changes lately in my life I am trying to get into a daily routine. As some of you may know I like to go to the gym a lot and workout. With my new job and responsibilities it has been really making my routine hectic. I like order and organization. So, having to deal with working out at different times and packing bags last minute to take to the gym has been a real pain in the butt.

My favorite time to workout is early morning. Typically, I wake up early like 5am – get my diaper changed if it needs changing and head to the gym which opens at 5:30. I usually pack my gym bag the night before with 2 fresh diapers, 1 diaper that will be changed into after I workout and shower at the gym and then obviously a new diaper for later on in the day if I have an accident. I usually use a thinner diaper at the gym like Bambino Teddy or Tena Slip Maxi as they are not as thick as an Abena or Bambino Bellissimo. While they are both still thick and padded and offer amazing protection – they are not the thickest and they allow pretty good mobility whether I am running, spinning or just lifting weights. I have done yoga and the diaper doesn’t give me any problems. I have only done cross-fit a couple times but not a huge fan.

Anyways, like I said I like routine. Getting up out of bed early in the morning is not easy but it makes me feel refreshed after I workout. There is nothing like the “endorphin high” after working out, taking a fresh shower and getting in a fresh cool diaper and putting on clean clothes before going off to work.

There have been times over the past several months that have thrown wrenches into my workout plans and routine and I can definitely tell I am grumpier through out the day.

I like working out with my friends too early in the mornings, which is when they go, because they know about the diapers and its just a comfort thing for me. Going to workout at odd hours where I don’t know as many people is not as much fun, don’t have the same energy level, and its not as comforting without the people I know around me either. One of the friends I have known for a long time and she really has been there for me through it all. We are very close. So, its always nice working out with people like that – plus it makes the workout easier and time go by a bit quicker.

Anyways, should hopefully be posting and updating more now schedule has calmed down. Trying to figure out a way to upload videos into the member only section too. When I figure it out – will let everyone know!