I am sure everyone here that lives in America has wondered why are all the good diapers over in Europe? I know I have. I mean, Abena is technically over in Europe area (main manufacturing plant) but not just them you have those really nice Tena thick disposable diapers and all those other special brands that Europe has that America doesn’t carry. Instead the U.S. gets nice thick (sarcastic) diapers like Depends and CVS brands which we all know that if you wet them your in for a change very soon. People must resort to ordering diapers online such as Attends, Tena, and Molicare from Adult Health Supply online stores because those sort of adult diapers are not carried in normal stores.

Everyone knows that they would most likely buy Attends over Depends if they were actually in the majority of stores. My question is: Why aren’t they in major drug stores like Walgreens, CVS, Kerr Drug, and even supermarkets like Kroger and Harris Teeter and Bi-Lo – how come they don’t carry diapers like Attends, Molicare, and Tena. Surely you would think that Target or Walmart would carry it…but NO. But, target does carry Tena products but not Tena diapers. Maybe they have it out for us ABDLs? Or maybe corporate executives don’t really realize just how many ABDLs are out there that would actually purchase those products and their sales would increase ten-fold. But, I do sit here and wonder sometimes why I exactly they aren’t in major stores…every once in awhile though you might see a pack in a little down home drug store but certainly not the big chain stores. I wonder why?.