The Following is a guest post by “Geoffrey” that I thought was very well-written and entertaining.

Take a look around you — a whole website, dedicated to adults wearing diapers.

What’s that all about?

Well, turns out it’s about a lot of things.

One of the best reasons to have a place like this is that it brings together all sorts of different people.

Some have been lifetime diaper wearers. Some came to it recently. Some people wear protection 24/7, while others only slip on the occasional diaper for a bit of fun.

Ask every person that comments or posts on this site why they wear diapers, and you’ll probably get a different answer from each one.

Because it turns out “the diaper thing” is a lot of different things for a lot of different people. And as sites like these bring them together, it’s just going to keep getting clearer that wearing diapers is something a lot of people do, and for a lot of good reasons…

It’s About a Practical Need

We all needed diapers for at least the first part of our lives. A lot of us end up needing them again at a later date.

Sometimes a diapered “lifestyle” starts with something as basic as incontinence, in any of its many forms.

Anyone who’s needed to rely on diapers as an adult can respect their practicality. No matter how you feel about the experience of using them, they’re pretty functional tools.

And for some people, that’s reason enough. Hospital patients, individuals with incontinence, men and women with long commutes or long waits in line, and even partying college kids who don’t want to take the time to find a bathroom have all found themselves diapered at one point or another — and appreciated its benefits.

It’s About a Physical Sensation

Soft cloth; crinkling plastic. A fuzzy feeling underneath a smooth one. Thickness and padding.

If you describe the sensations without using the word “diaper,” almost anyone would agree that the experience of being diapered sounds pleasant. It’s like a warm hug for your crotch.

Plain old physical comfort and decadent enjoyment. Reason enough to wear a diaper? It is for some people.

It’s About Mental/Emotional Comfort

The safety of childhood — remembered or purely imagined — is a powerful thing.

For some people, slipping on a diaper is a way of going back to that safety. “Everything’s all right,” it says; “you’re protected.”

The “talisman effect” of clothing is well documented. In a recent study at Northwester University, participants did better on math/science reasoning tests when they were given a white coat to wear and told it was a doctor’s lab coat — but worse when they were given the same coat and told it was an artist’s smock!

Wearing a diaper capitalizes on the same talismanic affect. We feel safer in one because we have strong cultural associations between infancy and safety, and the diaper is a recognizable sign of infancy.

For some people, that makes the act of wearing a diaper an important comfort, in times of stress or in day-to-day life.

It’s About a Sexy Taboo

Sometimes it’s hot to misbehave.

Breaking the rules is fun. And right now, there’s a “rule” that says that grown-ups don’t wear diapers.

It’s kind of a silly rule, but it’s in the public perception enough for breaking it to makes some people feel deliciously naughty.

That diapers have an association with being “bad” for most of us — a remnant of potty training, when relying on them was discouraged — heightens that feeling of taboo.

So yes. Some people wear diapers because it makes them feel hot as hell. And that makes a fair amount of sense!

It’s About a Relationship

Mother and child, domme and sub; lover and diaper-lover.

The act of being diapered, or of diapering, can play a part in any number of relationships. Some are purely sexual, others are emphatically not; most fall somewhere in between.

Many people first come to diapers as an adult through someone else’s introduction.

The diapers don’t define the relationship (at least not in a healthy one). But they’re a part of it, as a support and as a symbol of the larger dynamic.

It’s About the Wetting/Messing

Not everyone who wears a diaper “uses” it, in the sense of expelling waste into it.

Not everyone who uses a diaper enjoys it.

But some people do both.

There are many different appeals: it’s convenient. It’s childish. It’s taboo. It’s warm. It’s soft. It’s embarrassing (and some people like to be embarrassed). Take your pick.

For people who like the feel of relieving themselves sans toilet, diapers are an obvious and practical choice — much easier to clean than underwear, and much more discreet in public.

It’s About Whatever You Want it To Be

So really, it sounds like diapers are about an awful lot of things, doesn’t it?

No wonder so many people are wearing them.

So if you’re wearing a diaper — relax and enjoy it!

If you’ve never worn a diaper, but you feel like you might want to — give it a try!

And if you have no interest in wearing a diaper, but you know someone who does — now you know some of the reasons why.

Amazing what one little piece of cloth and plastic can do, isn’t it?.