It never ceases to amaze me the type of people that exist in this world.  Now, this does not apply to everyone in this community by any means but there are a good majority that I have come across.  What are people thinking when they just email me and tell them to ’email them pictures’?  Like, I don’t even know you for one thing and second why am I going to take a time out of my day just so I can email you pictures of me so that you can probably just stare at for your own plewp_e.  I post pictures up here and at but thats because I want to.  But, when someone I don’t even know expects me to just somehow send them pictures it really make wonder…what exactly are these people thinking?  They don’t even say “Hi” half the time – its just “send me pictures if you have some…”.  Just because I am a woman and I wear diapers does not mean I am just going to send you photos.  You can politely leave comments on here if you want to request a photo (request being the keyword – meaning you may or may not get it) but don’t email me just to get a photo out of me…that is rude and it shows the type of person you are to not even engage in a conversation but expect something out of me.

Sorry, that was my little rant for the day!  So, how is everyone else’s day going? 🙂