Sitting down and wetting a diaper can be a very difficult thing for people who are not incontinent and just want to wet their diapers because they enjoy it. There are a few tricks I have heard from some people over time that they say help. Now, I am sure it depends on whether you are male or female with some of these on how easy they are.

  • Do not put your diaper on too tight so that it is right up against your crotch area or butt area.  You do not want the diaper super tight otherwise it makes it harder to pee sitting down because of pure pressure reasons.  Try fastening the diaper on a bit looser so that it allows more room in the crotch and bottom area.
  • You can try lifting off the seat of wherever you are sitting slightly to allow yourself an easier time to pee.
  • Slouch down in your seat so your bottom is NOT perpendicular with the seat but rather at a more parallel angle with what you are sitting on.

Other than those tips, it really is something I think that takes “practice” and getting used to.  I have heard over time as you get more comfortable using these tips, that you will be able to sit completely straight up and just wet your diaper sitting down without any tricks or help.  There really is no magic to it honestly.  It is all a comfort level and getting used to type of thing in my opinion and from other people’s perspectives.

If you have “mastered” wetting a diaper sitting down I am sure many others would love to hear how you in particular did it and some tips…feel free to leave them in the comments!  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend – been a bit on the sick side lately so recovering!.