So, I recently got a case of the Active Ultra diapers in and have been using them non-stop.  I like these diapers a lot.  The all white is really nice when I am not feeling in baby mode but still want a nice thick and absorbent diaper.  The diaper below is when I woke up and Peter changed me – as you can tell I am not a heavy wetter during the night and this diaper could hold a lot more but I had to get ready to go to work and I am not going to wear a wet diaper to work even though it can hold a lot more. I am stomach sleep so you can see how a lot of the urine pools a little bit more towards the front instead of the back seat of my diaper which actually helps a lot when I have a really really wet night because I get to take advantage of more of the diaper “area” rather than always just the back part of the seat of the diaper as really girls only can based on their anatomy when standing up.

Ultra Active Diaper - Wet

I haven’t had any problems with the tapes yet as some people have stated but I could see where problems may arise with the tapes as they are not as secure as the Bambino Classico or Bianco or Teddy diapers…they are I guess what they call a “hook” type fastener which so far has stayed on fine for me. Think of it more as a really tight velcro. I think one of the key is making sure the tape is on the front of the diaper flat and not putting the tape on extremely tight. At least that is what has worked for me and I have gone through about 10+ of them without any tapes coming off or any issues. I am sure one of them will as I am a fairly active person and could see where one might just come off but so far they feel really secure to me and are my go to diaper at the moment since Bambino Diapers is restocking their mediums of Classico/Teddy/Bianco diapers. .