Hello all! Welcome to my new homepage…it is a work in progress obviously as I tweak things here and there but I wanted to launch it so it kept me honest.  There will be a number of changes that I will be adding including guest posters! I will introduce one of them later but in the meantime I am still looking for a few guest posters. I am thinking I need about 2-3 more.  Preferably I would like 1 of them to be a female, if not 2 of them.  I definitely do want to add a male perspective as well so I am looking for a male as well willing to contribute maybe 1 to 2 posts every couple weeks.  Nothing crazy.  I just think its important to keep things new and allow different perspectives.

You will also slowly notice that I will be posting more photos and I am trying to keep this site a lot “cleaner”.  I do not want this site to turn into a photo source exclusively or have a ton of inappropriate material.  That is not me.  Diapers are a huge part of my life but it is not everything.  I enjoy helping others and I cannot express to everyone how gracious I am to have so many supporters.  I am also glad for the people I have been able to help and touch a long the way whether it is to give them confidence or bring them a little satisfaction/happiness with themselves instead of being looked at as a “freak”.

I am always up for suggestions and I really want this site to grow.  Help or suggestions with things are always appreciated.  Expect more!.