So, I recently joined a local gym and I am trying to make it a habit to go almost everyday.  After work, I always head straight to the gym so I don’t have an excuse not to go if I go home first.  So, typically by the end of the day my Bambino Diaper is soaked and I end up having to change it in the locker room at the gym before heading to workout.  I am courteous and change my diaper in the stalls and not out in the open as that would be a little too much I think.  But, I typically either way spandex shorts or pants as it really helps to reduce any sort of chaffing while running or working out when wearing a diaper.  I usually wear a Secure Plus while working out because it is not super thick but still provides the great absorbency in case I have an accident.  I will tell you what though, those spandex shorts make you really feel like your not wearing a diaper though because they are so tight – very comfortable though.

I usually will run and then bike for awhile and then head to do some free-weights.  I always feel funny doing free weights with all the guys staring at me like “what is a girl doing in the free weight section”.  I don’t know, I guess I just need to get over it.  I mean, I guess you may be able to tell I am wearing a diaper but I would say you would need to be looking for it…its not super obvious.  So, I really do hope that men don’t stare that bad and that hard especially in a public weight room.

I usually finish up with stretching for about 15-20 minutes because I am super not flexible so I am trying to work on that a lot.  I will say there is a nice little feeling in my stomach when I am stretching or bending over and my diaper pokes out a little bit, not too much, but enough so someone could tell if they were paying attention.  As long as I have worn diapers, I still get that little rush knowing someone knows I am wearing a diaper.  Its the craziest thing…maybe its just me.  Any how, back to cleaning up my mess of a place that looks like a hurricane hit it!.