Exercise is an important part of maintaining good physical and mental health.  For people with incontinence or that wear diapers for any other purpose should be able to exercise while still wearing protection.  I am a big supporter of exercise and I exercise constantly.  For me, I have successfully been able to find intuitive ways of exercising whether it is running, biking, yoga, or any other exercise while wearing diapers.  I will share my tips and the ways I go about wearing diapers while exercising.

First, the most important thing I would say in wearing diapers during exercise is the clothing you choose.  I almost always wear spandex pants or compression shorts with my diapers.  The tightness of the spandex pants or compression shorts minimizes the bulk of the diaper while also keeping the crinkle factor to a minimum during exercise.  These spandex and compression shorts are typically good at getting rid of moisture as well so that will help in regards to the sweating from the diaper.  For girls, wearing spandex pants or compression shorts is not too big of a deal but guys may be timid about wearing such tight clothing.  If you are timid about wearing tight clothing such as spandex pants or compression shorts, then I would suggest buying shorts that come with a built in liner.  This will at least provide some sort of compression while also providing a little bit of moisture protection.  Men or women who want to wear diapers while biking though probably won’t find it a problem wearing tight clothes as that is the standard type of clothing most bikers wear and you will not feel out of place wearing spandex clothing whether you are a man or woman.

Second, use a petroleum jelly or friction protector in the groin area where the diaper can rub against your skin.  The repetitive motion while exercising is a breeding ground for creating diaper rash so make sure to use a lot of protection in regards to petroleum jelly or something to reduce the friction where the diaper rubs against the skin.

Third, wear disposable plastic diapers and not cloth.  Cloth diapers will actually make you hotter and have a higher chance of giving you a friction rash than the smooth plastic diaper.  So, go with a plastic disposable diaper when exercising.

Fourth, use baby powder in your diaper in order to reduce moisture collection and keeping your lower body cool.  Baby powder or its equivalents are good for keeping moisture to a minimum within the diaper and can also help to promote coolness in your lower body.

Finally, I always promote proper hydration during exercise and so that is going to be my final point.  Wearing a diaper during exercise increases your sweating naturally so you are going to lose more water through sweat.  So, make sure you hydrate properly so that you do not become dehydrated during exercise.  Also proper hydration can have an effect on your performance.

Wearing diapers during exercise is actually quite doable with taking the necessary steps to protecting your skin and minimizing the “bulk” factor of the diaper.  That is why I highly suggest the compression pants or shorts to minimize the bulk and make the diaper “thinner” in a sense by compressing it.  You will then still be able to gain the protection you need from the diaper while also being able to engage in exercise.  Don’t let incontinence or the fact that wearing a diaper discourage you from getting exercise.  Just take the necessary precautions and my tips to help you.  Just let me know if I left something out or you want to know any additional tips that I may have left out..