Today was a day I needed that is for sure.  I had off from work today and I had some time to catch up on a lot of things around the house that needed to be done. It was relaxing just slowly roaming around the house in a diaper and t-shirt cleaning, vacuuming, dusting, emptying the trash, etc. I am usually rushed when doing these things so it was nice to sleep in and not feel so rushed to perform my “womanly” duties as Peter jokes with me sometimes about.

I keep meaning to order Bambino’s new diaper called the Total Dry Plus Brief. It looks like a great diaper that outperforms a lot of the store brand diapers but is more affordable than some of the pricier premium adult diapers. May be a good diaper to use when exercising because of it not being as thick but still fairly absorbent. I just keep getting side tracked with things to actually sit down and order them. I know, lazy me.

So, I have two requests that I wanted to post about:

  1. Guest Post Writers: I am looking for anyone willing to write either a one time guest post article on any topic you choose – obviously make it semi-relevant to the adult baby and diaper love community – or someone that may be willing to contribute on a regular basis. We can keep your name anonymous and use an alias if you request that.  But, I think offering some other people’s perspectives on this blog and get their thoughts could truly prove beneficial to the ABDL community as a whole.
  2. Need A Good WordPress Coder: I have a few random things on my blog that I would like to modify and if anyone out there that reads this blog is experienced in modifying wordpress themes or good at that sort of thing would like to offer a little assistance…I would really appreciate it.

If you are wanting to do any of these two things just head on over to my Contact Me page and shoot me a message.

I hope every one has a good Friday night and enjoys their weekend…hopefully I can get around to taking more photos! Also, don’t forget to check out my review of those awesome Baby Adult Baby Pants – they are super soft and comfortable..