One of the most common questions I get is how I wear diapers to work. As you all know, I work in a professional environment so it is important that I be discreet but also not feel like i’m in “hiding” as I feel like a good majority of you feel.

I think the first and most important part is to be confident in YOU. Even as discreet as you may be sometimes it is noticed or someone might ask you about it if they see. I am confident enough in who I am now to simply explain my situation proudly and with conviction. Yes, I wear diapers and I am not ashamed of that fact. Most of the people who have said something to me have been very understanding of it and I’ve gotten a few odd looks. At the end of the day – who cares if you get a few odd looks? You DO YOU!

I do try to be discreet since I am in a professional environment and it is important for me to be professional and courteous. I wear the same clothes that anyone else wears to work I just sometimes size up a bit to make sure my diaper fits comfortably under my clothes. The type of diaper will also depend on the clothes to wear but I’ve found that the easiest thing for me to wear at work are skirts (sorry fellas I know this isn’t an option for you)! I still wear pants from time to time and I just make sure to get comfortable fitting clothes.

I take several changes with me to work each day. I don’t flaunt what I’m going to go do when I head to the bathroom I just simply grab my purse/diaper bag and head that way. I always keep 2-3 diapers in the bag, some wipes, and a little Desitin just in case I end up sitting in a diaper too long due to a conference call or meeting. 

Now I’m sure you are asking – what is the best type of diaper to wear to work? I personally don’t want a super thin diaper because there are days when I have to go longer in between changes. Adding a booster to your diaper helps but I’ve found that the best brands for me to use at work are Bambino and Abena.  These two are the most comfortable and most absorbent for long days of meetings. 

To me wearing diapers to work is just like any other day. I wear everywhere I go so it doesn’t change whether its work, home, or out shopping at the mall. When you begin to view wearing diapers as a part of who you are then it goes without thought. Do what you love and don’t worry about others!