So, the other day I actually had to go to the hospital for an MRI of my lower body to check for a possibly injury I had when exercising.  I honestly have not been to the hospital that much in my life time but in this case it was the only place that could take me early enough to get the MRI done when I had time.  My incontinence is not documented at the hospital I went to so the diapers that I have to wear would be a “surprise”.

Anyways, some hospital policies don’t make you take off your clothes and put on a gown and some do.  Well, this hospital everyone getting a MRI has to wear a gown no matter the location – I guess it just simplifies it.  So, I actually had a Bambino Bianco on with a booster in it since MRI tends to take a while and I knew I would have to wait in the waiting room before hand…lots of time to pass.  So, there I was with a gown and Bambino Bianco on sitting in the waiting room by myself reading the millions of magazines for 40 minutes until they finally came and got me.  The diaper crinkled as I walked down the hall but honestly I think it was loud enough in the corridor for pretty much only me to hear it because the nurse didn’t say anything at the time.

The nurse happened to be nice female that honestly looked like she was right out of nursing school, at least to me she did.  Finally, we entered the room with the MRI machine and she helped me get up onto the table.  Naturally, the diaper showed and was heard.  She just politely said to me that she appreciated that I wore protection and understood it can be hard for some people in this situation.  She said they actually had a patient have an “accident” while in the MRI machine and she said that it actually put the MRI machine out of service for a day (a lot of time in hospital terms according to her).  I told her no problem and that I have to wear them all the time so it wasn’t really a big deal.  I think she thought I was embarrassed a little, which I wasn’t, but she said don’t be embarrassed and that you would be surprised how many people my age they see that have to wear protection like diapers.  I just said a simple “yeh, I’m sure and thats comforting” and just wanted to get the process started.  MRI went pretty uneventful after that. I am not too claustrophobic so it didn’t really bother me.  Fortunately I didn’t have an accident in the diaper while I was in there.

But, moral of the story I guess for some of you out there is that hospital staff see a lot of people every day and the amount of people that have to wear protection or diapers is immense, especially in a hospital.  So, don’t feel too ashamed or embarrassed by it.

Oh, and the results of the MRI were negative so not sure what is going on with my lower leg thing, just rest and ice I guess..