Wearing Baby Diapers

Wearing baby diapers seems to be a common trend I have noticed around the adult baby and diaper lover community. I have noticed people shoving themselves into these tiny little diapers. I have seen even some women wearing baby diapers that actually look like they fit in them because they are so skinny. Even some men too.

I have tried wearing baby diapers before and honestly, I am not sure what the fuss is all about. The baby diapers fit me fine actually without stretching the sides around much because I am so skinny I guess. But, wearing baby diapers did nothing for me. Where was the bulky feeling? Where was the absorbency? Where was that comfort feeling? I didn’t feel that same feeling that I get when I stick on a Bambino Diaper or Abena Abri-Form Adult Diaper. That feeling was missing. Maybe it was the lack of padding or the feeling that I knew that wearing a baby diaper would not provide me any protection at all.

I get it though for those people that can fit into a baby diaper. They like that true “baby look” that comes with the Pampers and Huggies baby diapers or even the store brand diapers. But, I guess the fact that most people have to modify the wings of the baby diaper to actually wear it sort of defeats some of the special aspects of wearing a nice clean diaper. I much prefer to stick on a Bambino Diaper or another adult diaper that feels soft and cushy. I also like to feel like if I were to have an accident that the diaper would be able to absorb the urine. The baby diapers were designed for small children that do not have the same bladder size nor urine output as an adult. So, in that regard it sort of defeats the purpose to me.

I personally do not like to have to modify a diaper in order to wear it. If I have to apply duct tape to even an adult diaper to keep it on then I don’t like it. There is just something about wearing a clean unmodified adult diaper to me that feels secure and comforting. As an incontinent girl, wearing baby diapers does not provide the protection that I personally require. Outside of the emotional factor of wearing a diaper, baby diapers just do not provide the necessary absorbency and security that I need if I were to have an accident. Plus, as silly as it may sound I enjoy the slight bulk of an adult diaper.

I think what most people who wear baby diapers get out of it is that it brings them truly back to “babyhood” because you are actually using the real baby diaper. I get it. But, I guess at what point do you realize that you can’t fit into the baby diapers anymore and maybe it is time to graduate up to a more babyish adult diaper such as Bambino Diapers, ABUniverse Diapers, Tena Slip Maxi, or Abena..