I am back everyone. And, I wanted to start my come back off with a topic that many people find fairly controversial or risky. Wearing diapers at the beach.

Wearing an adult diaper at the beach is probably one of the ultimate levels of acceptance. If you think to yourself that you are completely comfortable wearing diapers and don’t care too much what others think, then take the “diaper confidence test”…would you wear a diaper at the beach? I am not talking about at a deserted beach with nobody around. I am referring to a beach on coast of Florida with people around or some other beach where there are ACTUALLY people around. If you say “no”, then I ask what is holding you back in your mind?

Is it that you are scared?

Lack the confidence?

Do you worry about the “supposed” legal issues of it?

Whatever it is. Ask yourself what it is in your mind that holds you back? Whatever it is – that is probably the thing holding you back from completely accepting adult diapers as part of your life.

As a full time diaper girl that wears adult diapers 24 hours a day 7 days a week, I can tell you first hand its not completely straight forward or as easy as I make it seem. I have dealt with my group of those that are not all that accepting but in the end it really comes down to you and how you view yourself. In the end, there are no legal issues as long as you are not prancing around naked or completely disturbing others in public. I can personally say that I have seen more than a handful of times other adults/teens/young-adults wearing diapers on the beach in various ways. I have seen both men and women of all ages with diapers on the beach. Some wearing just a diaper and t-shirt, some wearing a diaper under board shorts with no shirt, and some with a pull-up underneath a bikini-type bathing suit. Obviously, when you see something like this – it stands out because its “different”. But, most people’s initial thought is not – “Oh my God there is some diaper freak” – it is usually more of just curiosity and most likely looking at it more from a medical perspective. ESPECIALLY, if you are not completely “acting a fool” on the beach.

Again, most people don’t care at all but again it is a confidence issue. That was always my problem for the longest time. It wasn’t that I was worried what others would think but more just confidence in myself. For several years when I was younger I was wearing a thick diaper under “girl boardshorts” and it was just not comfortable or “me”. I felt more out of place like that. Now, I typically wear a bikini top and diaper as my bottom. Sometimes, if I am feeling extra “surferish” I wear one of those tight surfer tops with a diaper.

Now, I am not always wearing just a diaper as a bottom because again its not about “flaunting a diaper”. I wear a wrap around my waist many times or towel. But, I typically sunbathe like any normal girl on the beach. RARELY, have I ever felt that uncomfortable or had anyone make a big deal.

If you are wanting legitimate tips on wearing diapers publicly on a beach then these would be my biggest tips:

  1. DO NOT flaunt your diaper and act a fool on the beach.
  2. Wear a cover up or at least bring one with you.
  3. Be confident and do not act like anything is “wrong”.
  4. Probably not the BEST idea to wear the “babiest” looking diaper out there like Safari Adult Diapers or adult diapers with big baby prints on them.
  5. Please don’t change yourself in front of everyone…please please don’t do this.
  6. Use common sense.

Again, wearing diapers in public can be exhilarating for many and freeing but again a big part of it comes from confidence and another part is just using good ol’ fashion common sense and not acting like a complete idiot on the beach or in public.