I have to say that when warm weather is my favorite!!! I finally got out all the skirts from my closet which I can’t wear to work but love to wear out on the weekends and with Peter! it is just always fun to go out in double diapers and my skirt! makes me feel very sexy in my diaper 🙂 hehehe

Long day for me! Worked pretty much 10 hour straight and am actually just now getting situated to relax before I go to bed for the night! I had to wake up late last night in the middle of the night because I hadn’t had a diaper change in a while and ended up leaking on the bed. So I had to wake Peter up and I had to change the sheets and it really messed up my sleeping 🙂 Guess I need to change myself better before bed! haha Peter had already gone to sleep when I got in bed so I was too lazy to do it myself ! hehe

well time to go and fix a bit of dinner…more later! 🙂.