There are a lot of things I do enjoy about wearing diapers but of course there are those things that I would say are “icky” feelings.  One of those that just happens to be waking up in a wet diaper.  Though it does feel nice to wake up wearing a diaper, wearing a wet diaper that has been absolutely soaked gives me this icky feeling and I just want Peter to change me.  He knows that I don’t like the feeling waking up in one so he makes sure to always check when we wake up to see if I am wet and he changes me pronto.  God bless him 🙂

It is kind of ironic you could say because I wear diapers all the time and use them for both forms of incontinence (urinary and bowel) which in itself to most people is unsanitary.  But, I am like the cleanest person you will ever meet.  I wash my hands and use disinfectant all the time and I hate my room being messy and things out of place.  Obviously, those are just a few small examples but I am a neat freak and a clean freak which is probably funny coming from someone that wets and messes her diapers which is probably the ultimate “unclean” thing to most people.  But, to that I have a response!  Urine is actually sterile and basically just water and salt – so its not really dirty (at least that is what I tell my neat freak self)  Poop is very dirty and though I will admit that I enjoy the feeling of a messy diaper sometimes – I prefer not to be in one for more than an hour.  Peter probably does not want me in one for that long either because then I typically get  a diaper rash and he always says I complain about it…I don’t think I do that much but whatever.

Anyways, everyone has their quirks and preferences…I guess waking up in a wet diaper just makes me feel icky, hot, and dirty for some reason that I can’t explain.  But, its such a great feeling to be changed and into a cool fresh diaper.  Anyone else got any quirks or special preferences that you think may be different when it comes to diapers?.